Practical Ascension

The Insight

 Akashic Exploration 

Ascension Alchemy Methodâ„¢ Training and Certification

You begin or deepen your journey into the Akashic Records, exploration of your Soul gifts and reclaiming your place as an Akashic initiate.   

Advanced Akashic Alchemy 

Deep Soul activation and exploration of the Akashic Records and your Soul DNA reveals more of your Light Codes and unique Divine expression. 

Akashic Records for Business

Amplify the practical use of the Akashic Records by tapping into their energy for business clarity, alignment and magnetism. 

begin or deepen your journey 

Ascension Alchemy Methodâ„¢ Akashic Records Training and Certification

This program is created for those feeling pulled to deepen their connection with themselves and their records. Learn to read, heal and explore in the records. 

Advanced Akashic Alchemy

This expansive journey is only available to those who have a practiced Akashic connection. It includes private healing and activation to prepare your energy for your next level. We explore working more deeply with energy and creating your own channeled modality or program in the records. 

clarity on anchoring your light through business

Akashic Records for Business 

This program takes you through 10 key areas of business and how to pose effective questions in the records to anchor clarity and momentum into your business. 

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