Practical Ascension Inner Circle

It’s your time to claim your full divine empowerment.

You’ve been showing up for yourself.

You’ve visualized, connected and felt what is possible for you.

You are feeling the call and ready for a deeper connection with your Soul aspects, a deeper sense of mastery that builds you up and guides you though your daily life and shifting ascension energies. 

If this feels like you, go within to see if Practical Ascension Inner Circle is the next step on your spiritual evolution path. 

Deepen Your Spiritual Connection, Clarity and Personal Mastery

Practical Ascension Inner Circle Supports and Expands You Into:

  • Deeper connection, communication and embodiment of Soul
  • Clarity and empowerment in your life
  • Deeper understanding and connection to who you are and what programming is not you
  • Accelerated spiritual path, deeper sense of presence, coming back to yourself
  • Empowerment for your own self discovery and self healing journey 

Hi, I'm Tracy Gaudet.

Ascension Shaman and Divine Genius Wayshower. 

My visionary awareness and soul gifts are designed to seed new growth, to anchor awareness on the mental, emotional, physical and energetic planes of existence.

I am here to hold a space as a visionary, guide and channel to help you realize what is not yet manifested - to expand your perspective of self and guide you to bring your pieces together from the most cosmic to the most grounded. 

I am here to help shift energy to empower you into deeper connection with your Souls truth and potential. 

Practical Ascension Inner Circle is if for you if:

  • You are ready to deepen and advance your spiritual exploration and potential
  • You may be feeling fragmented and ready to come back to a sense of presence
  • You are feeling drawn to explore and experience your personal power
  • You desire to work with your in the moment life experiences to catalyze your personal mastery  
  • You are ready to invite in more magic, more connection and more clarity into your life

We all have blindspots when it comes to ourselves and our programming, the structure of this inner circle, with channelled coaching, connection, compassion and unconditional support will allow you to move deeper into your soul level empowerment than ever before. 

What's included

  • 12 week energetic support   
  • 9 small group circle calls (8 or less)   
  • 3 shamanic journey and transmission calls 
  • Telegram channel to stay connected, empowered and accountable between calls
  • Additional resources as guided
  • Group circle calls work with group and ascension energies in the moment and will be an intuitive mix of spiritual coaching, round table sharing, channelled messages, healings, activations and journeys.   

Applications of interest are now open. 

Inner Circle Sessions will begin January 2024 (1/11)

Investment is $1800 

Payment plans 3 pays of $600 or extended 6 pays of $300 available.  

Practical Ascension Guidance System

Practical Ascension Sessions are based on my view that there are 6 pillars to practical ascension.

  • Intuition, Insight and Discernment
  • Physical Body
  • Mental Body
  • Energy Body
  • Ascended CoCreation
  • Expansion and Exploration

Practical Ascension take all pillars into consideration, and this is where the channelled coaching model comes into practice. By observing your full energy field as well as the groups energy field as a whole, during Q&A we are able to more accurately pinpoint both what will be the most effective pathway for you, and what to be aware of that may trip you up into old patterning. 

This practical ascension approach takes into account that you are a whole being, that you have many parts and aspects of you all contributing to your results and wellbeing.

With the support of the 6 pathways our group energy is contained in a sacred geometric structure that allows you to work with ascension energies in the present moment. 

We focus on your experienced reality and what is drawing you in the moment. 

When working with practical ascension there are 2 pathways that work as an entry point to your accelerated spiritual path. 

Entryway 1 is discomfort. Pain and discomfort tend to get our attention, and our exploration of the areas of our life causing discomfort will always lead the way to deeper self mastery and healing when we open to it. 

Entryway 2 is calling. These are nudges from soul, or themes and subjects that keep showing up in our life. As we let go of the rational mind, and logical need for things to make sense and be linear we open into the realm of soul and allow ourselves to be guided into deeper self knowing, exploration and soul embodiment.